Bra Size Measurement FAQs

Bra Size Measurement FAQs

What do I do about gaping cups or spillage?


If you have gaping cups, that likely means your bra is too large for your breasts and you may need to go down a cup size. And if you're encountering spillage, your bra is probably too small.

Why do my bra straps keep falling down?


  1. Bra straps can fall down if the bra is too large. If you have your straps tightened all the way and they're still slipping, it could indicate you need a smaller size.
  2. If you've had your bra for a while, it could mean the elastic has worn out over time and it's time for a new bra.

We recommend purchasing a new bra every six months to a year, depending on how often you wear it, to ensure you have the best, most flattering fit.

What are the best types of bras for my shape?


Whether your breasts are asymmetric, large or small, round or slender, or somewhere in between, there are bras out there that can fit your unique shape—from a variety of great places like specialty brands and department stores. It's just a matter of finding the best bra for your shape.

  • Asymmetric:If your breasts are different sizes, you're not alone—around 40 percent of women classify themselves as having this breast shape. We recommends a bra that has removable inserts, so you can incorporate an insert on one side to give your smaller breast a boost.
  • Athletic:Wider breasts with more muscle and less tissue tend to have a problem with cup gaping. Due to this, Cohen recommends t-shirt style bras.
  • East West:These are wide-set breasts that have nipples that point to the east and west, just as the name suggests. If you are struggling to achieve cleavage with certain tops, look for full-coverage bras that will help bring your breasts up and together.
  • Bell Shaped:These breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. This normally characterizes someone as a larger cup size and they may experience overflow with minimal coverage styles like balconette or demi. Instead, try a full-coverage bra that features wider memory foam straps that provide support, but don't dig in.
  • Relaxed: These are breasts that have lax tissue, and nipples pointing downward. Since these tend to be longer breasts that hang, try a balconette style bra that has a slightly shorter cup for more fullness at the top.
  • Round:While most styles may work for your shape, try a wireless bra for days when you want light support or balconette style when you want an ultra-flattering fit.

How do you measure bra size without a measuring tape?


If you don't have a measuring tape on-hand, you can still measure your bra size at home. We shares an easy two-step method:

  1. Take a charger cord, piece of rope, or string and mark off your measurements.
  2. Lay it flat and measure with a hard tape measure or ruler to find your bust and underbust measurements.
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