Problems about Bras that You haven't Noticed

Problems about Bras that You haven't Noticed

Over the years, I've seen it all - countless women, including my family, falling prey to the same old bra mistakes. It's not their fault really, the industry hasn't done a great job at keeping them informed.


1: Washing Your Bras With Regular Detergent.

Regular detergent can wreak havoc on elastic, spandex and memory foam, causing them to wear out much quicker than they should. Whether you hand or machine wash, using specialized detergent will help keep your bras looking new. 

2: Not Lifting Your Breasts Into Your Cups When You Put Your Bra On.

Most women I know simply strap their bra on and head out the door, but this can lead to ill-fitting bras and ultimately make it feel like you’re wearing the wrong size bra. Instead, once you put your bra on in the morning, stand in front of a mirror and lean forward, gently lifting your breasts upward into your bra cups so that they fill them out. This will help them sit where they’re supposed to in the center of your bra cups and ensure your bra fits perfectly.

3: Wearing Your Bra On The Tightest Hook.

When trying on a bra for the first time, make sure you’re wearing your bra on the loosest hook - not the tightest. Since bra bands and straps are often made of elastic or spandex (materials that can both stretch out over time), the loosest hook is the best option so that you can still tighten the band as your bra naturally stretches over time.

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